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I declare that I am qualified to perform all the duties of the position I am seeking.  I also declare that the information I have provided in this application is correct and that any false statements or omissions will justify my rejections or dismissal.  I authorize the company to contact any of my previous employers as well as any reference sources to verify the facts and information I have furnished regarding my qualifications and character.  I authorize any person(s) having knowledge to provide such information to the company, and release from liability and agree to hold harmless any person that furnishes such information in good faith.  I will agree to a drug test, if permitted by law, to be paid for by the company.  Should I become involved in a claim for worker’s compensation or any other litigation after employment by the company; I will allow the company to supply my employment records to an opposing party. If employed by the company, I understand that I will be an at-will employee and that my employment with the Fujiyama Steak House of Japan or any of its subsidiaries of affiliates (collectively, the Fujiyama Steak House of Japan), may be terminated at anytime by myself or The Fujiyama Steak House with or without cause or advance notice.  I further understand that if employed by The Fujiyama Steak House Restaurant, no representative of The Fujiyama Steak House other than the President of The Fujiyama Steak House Restaurant or his or her designee, has any authority to modify or change the at-will nature of my employment and that any such modification must be in writing.  I understand that this is only an application for employment and is not nor shall be considered to be an agreement or contract of employment.  I understand that a condition of employment shall be my execution of an arbitration agreement providing for arbitration of all disputes.  Finally, I understand that no part of this application is intended to be nor shall be construed as an offer of employment.  If a special governmental certification, license or permit is required for my position, it is a condition of any job offer extended to me by the company that I obtain such a permit prior to starting work.

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